Planning your trip these days is done mostly online. This is why we felt the need to offer you a website with all the information you may need about shopping and more in Ancient Olympia!


Our members list on this website are all passionate about their work. From new businesses to three generation old family businesses we are all passionate and we will try and make your shopping experience in Ancient Olympia a positive one! Folk art, jewellery, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, made in Greece products and artworks, handmade creations, and local dishes are some of them you will find in our marketplace. Enjoy your shopping!


In Ancient Olympia there are many shopping alternatives and the town offers a comfortable, pleasant and safe tour around all market for the visitors. The main shopping street is straight and paved with easy access to the shops. Is very pleasant to walk there and the large sidewalks are ideal for families with young children, elderly people and people with mobility difficulties. Near the market there are three parking areas, with 500 parking spaces where you can leave your car and enjoy walking around the market.


On the main street, at Praxitelous Kondyli, as well as on the side roads, the shopping center of the city develops. Here the visitor can find various options for shopping, entertainment and food, thus combining his visit to the historical site of Ancient Olympia with entertainment and shopping. Shops, restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget, as well as for all family members await you. Our goal is to offer quality goods with the best value for money. So relax, take your time and find easily and effectively what you are searching for…